Camera Sensor Cleaning

Even with some of the most advanced new technologies out there, over time there’s a chance you may experience the unwanted effects of dust on your camera’s sensor.

If you’ve cleaned your lenses, but you’re still seeing dark ‘spots’ on your images, it’s time to get your Sensor cleaned. These foggy blotches impair images, particularly when shooting against plain backdrops or white/grey skies.

You could try to clean your sensor yourself, but to keep your Camera in tiptop condition and your images crystal clear, it’s best to trust the professionals. Please note Sensor cleaning is only available on Interchangeable Lens Cameras.

Sensor cleaning is £25, per senor, payable upon collection.

So just drop your DSLR into us at the Exmoor Store, 1 Friday Street, Minehead and your sensor will be cleaned on site by 5 pm the next working day, Monday to Friday).